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Siemens 6GK5004-1BF00-1AB2 Ethernet switch

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Siemens  6GK5004-1BF00-1AB2

Siemens  6GK5004-1BF00-1AB2

Siemens  6GK5004-1BF00-1AB2

Main products: DCS distributed control system, PLC programmable controller, numerical control system, (CPU processor, module, card, controller, servo drive, workstation, driver, motor, memory card, power supply, robot spare parts, etc.) Various industrial control products

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Programmable control(PLC)
⑴ Allan-Bradley
SLC500: 1747/1746 series
MicroLogix: 1761/1763/1762/1766/1764 series 
CompactLogix: 1769/1768 series
Logix5000: 1756/1789/1794/1760/1788 series
PLC-5: 1771/1785 series
Touch screen:(2711-B5A2,2711P-T10C4D1,2711P-RDT10C....
ICS TRIPLEX:(T8403,T8431,T8442,T8480,T8461C,T8311C..)
⑵ General Electric(IC693/IC695/IC697/IC698/IC200/IC660/IC670,IC698CPE010,IC698CMX016,BK698CPA15B0, IS200/DS200 series,531X303MCPARG1,DS200SDCIG1AEB,IS220PAOCH1B,IS200DSPXH1D BD...)

⑶Schneider/Modicon (140CPU67160,140CPU43412A,AS-BADU-205,....)
⑷Siemens: (6DD,S-200,S-300,S-400,S-1500,S5, S-1200,SIMADYN D,  Siemens Moore,VIPA PLC ...)
Distributed Control System (DCS)
⑴  ABB (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DCP10...)
AC800M series (CI854AK01,CI867K01,PM861AK02,PM891K01...)
AC800F series (EI803F,EI813F,FI830F,FI820F....)
AC31 series controller module
800xA S800 series modules(CI840A,TB820V2,AI830A,AO810V2,DP820...)
Bailey INFI 90 module (PP D113,AC800PEC PCD231 ,LD800HSE,SPASI23,SPBRC300,SPNPM22...)
DSQC robot module spare parts (DSQC679,DSQC346C,DSQC365...)
Advant OCS system spare parts (DSAX452,TC512V1,DSAI133...)
⑵ Ovation (1C31194G01,1C31197G01,5X00106G01,1C31125G02...)
⑶ YOKOGAWA (CP345,CP451-10,AMM12C,AAI141-S00...)
⑸ BACHMANN (MPC240,CM202,DI232,MPC240,NT255,AIO288...)
⑹ Honeywell(CC-PAIH02,FC-SAI-1620M,MC-TAOY22,CC-PDOB01,CC-PAOH01 51405039-175 ...)
Safety Instrumented System (SIS/TSI)
⑴ BENTLY NEVADA (3500/42M ,3500/22M,3500/50M.3500/15,3500/53...)
⑵ TRICONEX (3503E,4210,3805E.MP3009,3700A 4351B,3721,3703E...)

What kind of modules does Siemens plc consist of?

CPU module, input module, output module, power supply module, temperature detection module, position detection module, PID control module, communication module, etc.


Siemens PLC is a programmable logic controller produced by SIEMENS, Germany. Its products include LOGO, S7-200, S7-1200, S7-300, S7-400, etc. It has the characteristics of small size, high speed and standardization. PLC can be divided into micro PLC (such as S7-200), small-scale performance requirements of PLC (such as S7-300) and medium and high performance requirements of PLC (such as S7-400) and so on. PLC adopts ladder diagram, Boolean mnemonic, function table diagram, function module and statement description programming language, which does not require a large number of moving components and wiring electronic components, simple programming, high operability, automatic diagnosis, Easy maintenance.

Detailed introduction:

1. SIMATICS7-200PLCS7-200PLC is an ultra-miniaturized PLC, which is suitable for automatic detection, monitoring and control in all walks of life and various occasions. The powerful functions of S7-200PLC enable it to realize complex control functions whether it is running on a single machine or connected to a network. S7-200PLC can provide 4 different basic models and 8 kinds of CPU to choose from.

2. SIMATICS7-300PLCS7-300 is a modular small PLC system, which can meet the application of medium performance requirements. various individual

The modules can be widely combined to form systems with different requirements. Compared with the S7-200PLC, the S7-300PLC adopts a modular structure and has a high-speed (0.6~0.1μs) instruction operation speed; more complex arithmetic operations are effectively implemented with floating-point operations; a software with a standard user interface The tool is convenient for users to assign parameters to all modules; the convenient man-machine interface service has been integrated into the S7-300 operating system, and the programming requirements of man-machine dialogue are greatly reduced.

3. The SIMATIC Human Machine Interface (HMI) obtains the data from the S7-300, and the S7-300 transmits the data at the refresh rate specified by the user. The S7-300 operating system handles the data transfer automatically; the CPU's intelligent diagnostic system continuously monitors whether the system is functioning properly, recording errors and special system events (eg: timeout, module replacement, etc.); multi-level password protection can Make users highly and effectively protect their technical secrets and prevent unauthorized copying and modification; S7-300PLC is equipped with an operation mode selection switch, which can be pulled out like a key. When the key is pulled out, it cannot be changed. This prevents illegal deletion or rewriting of user programs. With powerful communication function, S7-300PLC can provide communication configuration function through the user interface of programming software Step7, which makes the configuration very easy and simple.

4. S7-300PLC has a variety of different communication interfaces, and connects AS-I bus interface and industrial Ethernet bus system through a variety of communication processors; serial communication processors are used to connect point-to-point communication systems; multi-point The interface (MPI) is integrated in the CPU and is used to connect programmers, PCs, man-machine interface systems and other automation control systems such as SIMATICS7/M7/C7 at the same time.

5. SIMATICS7-400PLCS7-400PLC is a programmable controller for medium and high performance range. S7-400PLC adopts a modular fanless design, which is reliable and durable. At the same time, it can choose CPUs of various levels (functions are gradually upgraded), and is equipped with a variety of templates for general functions, which enables users to combine different special systems according to their needs. . When the scale of the control system is expanded or upgraded, as long as some templates are appropriately added, the system can be upgraded and fully meet the needs.

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