• Today arrived ABB freelance 2000 DDI01 DAI04 digital input/Digital Input Dec 04 , 2021
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  • Today arrived Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BWA MicroLogix 1400 PLC 110/240V AC Power Nov 27 , 2021
    Allen-Bradley 1766-L32BWA MicroLogix 1400 Small Programmable Logic Controller, 12 Digital fast 24V DC Inputs, 8 Digital normal 24V DC inputs, 12 relays outputs, 110/240V AC Power
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  • Today arrived Siemens 6ES7193-6BP00-0DA0 SIMATIC ET200SP BU15-P16+A0+2D Base Unit Nov 20 , 2021
    PLC is a device that uses programmable memory to store instructions, perform logic, sequence, timing, counting, and calculation functions, and control various machinery or production processes through analog or digital input/output components. At present, PLC adopts modern large-scale integrated circuit technology, has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, strong anti-interference ...
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  • Today arrived Emerson 5X00063G01 Hart Analog Output Module Oct 26 , 2021
    Emerson 5X00063G01 controller, PCS pitch system includes a Center Box (middle cabinet) and three Axis Box (blade pitch drive control cabinets) as shown in the figure below. Compared with the pitch systems of other companies, the PCS middle cabinet The design is relatively simple, no PLC is used to realize the control function, only a simple 400v power supply, UPS power supply, CANopen is realized ...
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  • Today arrived Bently 3500/15 149986-01  127610-01  125840-01 Today arrived Bently 3500/15 149986-01  127610-01 125840-01 Oct 09 , 2021
    As a member of the GE family, the Bently company’s inspection control in the United States is proud of the inheritance and this long historical tradition. GE's predecessor was the Edison Electric Company founded by Thomas Edison in 1878. The Bently Company of the United States provided numerous products and services for various industries, based on the imagination and imagination. GE Inspection Co...
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  • Today arrived ABB UNS 0882A-P.V1 3BHB006309R0001 Power Signal Interface Sep 18 , 2021
    WhatsApp/ wechat / Phone number:+86-17354319552 Email: sophia@swanautomation.com Contact: Sophia PM851K01  PM856K01  PM860K01  PM861AK01  PM861AK02  PM864AK01  PM864AK02    PM866K01  PM866K02  SB821  SB822  TK212A  TC562  TK853V020  CI853K01  CI854AK01   CI855K01  CI856K01  CI862K01  CI865K01 &...
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  • Rockwell PLC Technology Foundation and Application Sep 04 , 2021
    Rockwell Allen-Bradley 1746 1747  1756 1771 1769 1758 1794  2711P  25B PLC MODULE and dirves "Rockwell PLC technology foundation and application" mainly introduces Rockwell Automation Logix5550 programmable logic controller, the content includes RSLogix5000 programming software, programming debugging and simulation method and Rockwell PLc application example. The book uses the metho...
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  • Hot sale ABB AC500 Programmable Logic Controllers Hot sale ABB AC500 Programmable Logic Controllers Aug 20 , 2021
    PM564 CI582 CM577-ETH TB541-ETH PM573-ETH AI523 TB511  The AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S and AC500-XC scalable PLC ranges provide solutions for small, medium and high-end applications. Our AC500 PLC platform offers different performance levels and is the ideal choice for high availability, extreme environments, condition monitoring, motion control or safety solutions.  Our AC500 PLC platform...
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  • Hot sale Allen-Bradley 1769 CompactLogix Controllers Hot sale Allen-Bradley 1769 CompactLogix Controllers Aug 14 , 2021
    The CompactLogix controller, part of the Logix family of controllers, provides a small, powerful, cost-effective system consisting of the following: • RSLogix™ 5000 programming software • Built-in communication ports for EtherNet/IP (1769-L32E and 1769-L35E only) and ControlNet (1769-L32C and 1769-L35CR only) networks • A 1769-SDN communication interface module providing I/O control and remote dev...
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