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Allen-Bradley 1746-A10 SLC 500 10 Slot Modular Chassis

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Sales of the brand:

◆ Invensys Triconex
◆ Westinghouse
◆ Rockwell Allen-Bradley
◆ Schneider Modicon
◆ Siemens
◆ Yaskawa

◆ Schneider

◆ Indramat

◆ Forboro

◆ Woodward

Main products: DCS distributed control system, PLC programmable controller, numerical control system, (CPU processor, module, card, controller, servo drive, workstation, driver, motor, memory card, power supply, robot spare parts, etc.) Various industrial control products

Common models:

1756-A10 1756-LSP 1746-A10
1756-A13 1756-M02AE 1746-A13
1756-A17 1756-M02AS 1746-A2
1756-A4 1756-M03SE 1746-A4
1756-A4LXT 1756-M08SE 1746-A7
1756-A5XT 1756-M08SEG 1746-BAS
1756-A7 1756-M16SE 1746-BAS-T
1756-A7LXT 1756-N2 1746-BLM
1756-A7XT 1756-N2XT 1746-BTM
1756-BA1 1756-OA16 1746-C16
1756-BA2 1756-OA16I 1746-C7
1756-BATA 1756-OA8 1746-C9
1756-BATM 1756-OA8D 1746-F1
1756-CFM 1756-OA8E 1746-F2
1756-CN2 1756-OB16D 1746-F3
1756-CN2R 1756-OB16E 1746-F4
1756-CN2RXT 1756-OB16I 1746-F5
1756-CNB 1756-OB16IEF 1746-F8
1756-CNBR 1756-OB16IS 1746-F9
1756-CP3 1756-OB32 1746-FIO4I
1756-CPR2 1756-OB8 1746-FIO4V
1756-DH485 1756-OB8EI 1746-HCA
1756-DHRIO 1756-OB8I 1746-HSCE
1756-DHRIOXT 1756-OC8 1746-HSCE2
1756-DMA31 1756-OF4 1746-HSTP1
1756-DMCF003 1756-OF6CI 1746-HT
1756-DMD30 1756-OF6VI 1746-IA16
1756-DMD30K 1756-OF8 1746-IA4
1756-DMF30 1756-OF8H 1746-IA8
1756-DMF30K 1756-OG16 1746-IB16
1756-DNB 1756-OH8I 1746-IB32
1756-EN2F 1756-ON8 1746-IB8
1756-EN2T 1756-OV16E 1746-IC16
1756-EN2TR 1756-OV32E 1746-IG16
1756-EN2TXT 1756-OW16I 1746-IH16
1756-EN3TR 1756-OX8I 1746-IM16
1756-ENBT 1756-PA72 1746-IM4
1756-ESMCAP 1756-PA75 1746-IM8
1756-ESMCAPXT 1756-PA75R 1746-IN16
1756-ESMNRM 1756-PAR2 1746-INT4
1756-ESMNRMXT 1756-PAXT 1746-IO12
1756-ESMNSE 1756-PB72 1746-IO12DC
1756-ESMNSEXT 1756-PB75 1746-IO4
1756-EWEB 1756-PB75R 1746-IO8
1756-EXT 1756-PBR2 1746-ITB16
1756-HIST1G 1756-PBXT 1746-ITV16
1756-HIST1G3277 1756-PC75 1746-IV16
1756-HIST2G 1756-PH75 1746-IV32
1756-HIST2G3278 1756-PLS 1746-IV8
1756-PSCA2 1746-N2 1769-IT6
1756-RIO 1746-N3 1769-L16ER-BB1B
1756-RM 1746-NBC 1769-L18ER-BB1B
1756-RMC1 1746-NGA 1769-L18ERM-BB1B
1756-RMC10 1746-NGA2 1769-L19ER-BB1B
1756-RMC3 1746-NGAIC 1769-L23-QBFC1B
1756-RMXT 1746-NGC 1769-L23E-QB1B
1756-SPESMNRM 1746-NI16I 1769-L24ER-QB1B
1756-SPESMNRMXT 1746-NI16V 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B
1756-SPESMNSE 1746-NI4 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B
1756-SPESMNSEXT 1746-NI8 1769-L30ER
1756-SYNCH 1746-NIO4I 1769-L30ER-NSE
1756-TBCH 1746-NIO4V 1769-L30ERM
1756-TBE 1746-NLB 1769-L30ERMS
1756-TBNH 1746-NO4I 1769-L33ER
1756-TBS6H 1746-NO4V 1769-L33ERM
1756-TBSH 1746-NO8I 1769-L33ERMS
1756-TC15 1746-NO8V 1769-L35E
1746-NOC 1769-L36ERM 1756-RM 
1746-NPK 1769-L36ERMS 1756-L71
1746-NPK2 1769-OA16 1756-L72
1746-NR4 1769-OA8 1756-L72S
1746-NR8 1769-OB16 1756-L73
1746-NRC 1769-OB16P 1756-L73S
1746-NT4 1769-OB32 1756-L73SXT
1746-NT8 1769-OB32T 1756-L73XT
1746-OA16 1769-OB8 1756-L74
1746-OA8 1769-OF2 1756-L75
1746-OAP12 1769-OF4 1756-L7SP
1746-OB16 1769-OF4CI 1756-L7SPXT
1746-OB16E 1769-OF4VI 1756-LSC8XIB8I
1746-OB32 1769-OF8C 1746-OW4
1746-OB32E 1769-OF8V 1746-OW8
1746-OB6EI 1769-OG16 1746-OX8
1746-OB8 1769-OV16 1746-P1
1746-OBP16 1769-OV32T 1746-P2
1746-OBP8 1769-OW16 1746-P3
1746-OG16 1769-OW8 1746-P4
1746-OV16 1769-OW8I 1746-P5
1746-OV32 1769-PA2 1746-P6
1746-OV8 1769-PA4 1746-P7
1746-OVP16 1769-PB2 1746-QV
1746-OW16 1769-PB4

Function introduction AllenBradley SLC500 is a small frame programmable logic controller. It also includes discrete, analog, special I/O modules and related peripherals. The SLC500 controller has strong processing capabilities, and its communication network, functional modules and storage capacity can be flexibly selected and configured. RSLogix500 ladder diagram programming software provides a convenient editing and development environment. Users can click and choose to configure I≤O modules through the mouse.

The PLC is small in size, light in weight and easy to install. The PLC input and output system can intuitively reflect the changing status of field signals, and can intuitively reflect the operating status of the control system in various ways, such as internal working status, communication status, I/O point status, abnormal status, and power supply status. There are some compelling explanations, which are very beneficial for the operation and maintenance personnel to monitor the system. 1746-A10 Function Introduction The input signal types supplied to the programmable controller can be switch, analog and digital. Generally speaking, the input unit is composed of two parts: one part is the interface circuit connected with the controlled device, and the other part is the input image register.

The input unit receives various control signals from the user equipment, such as limit switches, operation buttons, selection switches, jump switches and other sensors. Through the interface circuit, these signals are converted into signals that the central processing unit can recognize and process, and coexist with the input image register. When running, the cpu reads the input information from the input image register and processes it, and stores the processing result in the output image register.

In order to prevent various interference signals and high-voltage signals from entering the PLC, affecting its reliability or causing equipment damage, the field input interface circuit generally adopts photoelectric coupling circuit isolation. The key component of the photoelectric coupling circuit is the photocoupler, which is usually composed of light-emitting diodes and phototransistors. 1746-A10 function introduction Usually the PLC input type can be DC (DC24V), AC and AC and DC. The power supply of the input circuit is provided externally. Some can also be provided internally by the PLC. For DC input, according to the form of the field input interface circuit, it is divided into two types: source input and sink input. The vast majority of European and American PLCs use leaky input, while the vast majority of Asian PLCs use source input.

The PLC is connected to the control object through the input/output terminal. PLC input and output terminals usually have three organizational forms, namely, sink type, group type and separate type. Most of the PLC's input terminals use the sink type, and some PLCs use the grouping type to increase the flexibility of use.

The temperature, pressure, and flow are collected, and the heating flow is controlled according to the collected data to achieve the purpose of energy saving. According to the outdoor climate change, by adjusting the opening of the electric valve of the original pipe network, the temperature return of the secondary pipe network can be controlled in time. By scheduling a given control curve, the operating parameters of each heat exchange station are within a given range. Colleagues, the central control room remotely controls the dispatched electric valves and adjusts operating parameters according to needs. The gprs dtu system configuration can realize temperature control and frequency conversion of filling remote pumps. The upper computer chooses to configure the king configuration software, which is combined with the database, stores and analyzes the data, and can cooperate with the optimization software for priority control.

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Allen-Bradley 1746-FIO4V Analog Combination Module The Allen-Bradley 1746-FIO4V is a SLC 500 Analog Combination Module. This Analog Combination Module has Two (2) Inputs configurable for 0 to 20 mA or 0 to +10VDC and Two (2) Voltage outputs with nominal range of -10 to +10VDC.

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